Algerian Jokes #1

This time I just brought you a bunch of stupid and very tiring Algerian jokes that you can hear outside. By the way, the Algerian joke culture is not so developed; however, you can find interesting stories... to be continue     9alek wa7ed Tabba kanet tamchi fo9 7i6 ta7at 3lah? 7it khlas It's said that… Continue reading Algerian Jokes #1

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Bled zkara ( The land of trollin’ )

I've heard so many times the expression of "bled zkara" in Algeria that literally means "country of trolling". I'm not sure about the word "zkara"... It is a kinda conception whose meaning is a complex situation that can't be translated easily... Just as the german expression of Schadenfreude (viz. 'happiness for another's misfortune'... there are… Continue reading Bled zkara ( The land of trollin’ )