Algerian Jokes #1

This time I just brought you a bunch of stupid and very tiring Algerian jokes that you can hear outside. By the way, the Algerian joke culture is not so developed; however, you can find interesting stories... to be continue     9alek wa7ed Tabba kanet tamchi fo9 7i6 ta7at 3lah? 7it khlas It's said that… Continue reading Algerian Jokes #1

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Arabic Newspaper-Courses

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ― Mark Twain I have never been a big newspaper fan; however, I used to buy monthly gamer, gun and literary magazines such as GameStar, Caliber and Readest Diggers... I tried to avoid the mass-media, but I kept myself up-dated on… Continue reading Arabic Newspaper-Courses

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Finals #5: Pragmatics… out of context

This week I'm facing the finals of the last year of Basic English Linguistics and Didactics studies. Two birds with one stone, I'm going to write about the exams as a resume for preparing to the modules, as a personal comment on the level and as a whole impression of the year or three years...… Continue reading Finals #5: Pragmatics… out of context


My [top 5] influencing Arabic dialects

*HIMTAL - s01 e01 Alias How I Met The Arabic Language... Take it easy, it won't take 9 seasons of shadow chasing to find out which language I got married with... Haha! Well... when I arrived to Algeria three years ago as a European guy, sure enough that I had to face many problems in assimilation.… Continue reading My [top 5] influencing Arabic dialects