​New glasses

Today, "my most precious" just gave me her reading-glasses. As in a novel structure of "beginning-complication-solution-resolution"- this little act was the solution of my terrible day. My day was a cocktail of bad and good surprises: In the beginning, I planned to go early to the capital and have some relaxing time editting my stuffs… Continue reading ​New glasses


An Algerian Bookshelf: Albert Camus

Albert Camus (1913-1960) You can visit any Algerian bookshop, any book fair or any exposition about Algerian literature, surely you will find a numerous collection of Albert Camus' works, representing the  French language. However, his writings are written in French - as well as I myself did read them in French-, Camus' every work is… Continue reading An Algerian Bookshelf: Albert Camus