Poem: Stoïc

Stoïc I felt unfelt;My world's unheard.Ignorance!That embraced, beset me. Stoical flow the life is;A shoreless sea.Water is water;Be wavery or plane. Why plaint,On the surrounding sea?Why plaint again,If only desert is seen? Time is a river.Dip, sip, hit the water;Immortal.You are fooled. Life is a diabolic vortex;Amazing mazes.Tunes are to seduce you,A superfluous being. If … Continue reading Poem: Stoïc


Poem: The last lust

​The last lust The Hellfire might hide more pleasure with the pain living and dying again- due to my careless, senseless life- than living with an empty soul that is able neither to live, nor to make itself die. I have no control on the present, the past does not infect me- who cares what … Continue reading Poem: The last lust