International Egoïsm

International egoism is a new concept in my mind. It's not based on any worldwide political research but on my modest observation of the social world of Europe and Africa. I think it's unnecessary to sefine egoism since we all know that it concerns with thinking selfishly, looking the world from an ego-centric point as … Continue reading International Egoïsm


Poem: My Islam (gift)

​My Islam I witness that Islam is my Deen, The best thing in my life ever been, That to mankind as mercy has been sent, That has many mistakers, but has no saint. I'm a great mistaker, but my heart is true, I kept my life despite all I went through, All the bad things … Continue reading Poem: My Islam (gift)

The changes of ramadan

This is the very first day that I spent outside in Ramadan (yesterday, I was preparing the place in refrigerator, kitchen and the graden to enjoy the Ramadan dinner (Ftor), then I did a quick turn in my village for missing ingredients like corn and lightbulb :D) Today, I went to check my Arabic mark … Continue reading The changes of ramadan