Poem: The Last Steal

It's been a while refreshing my blog that doesn't mean I am not active, but in the contrary; I am enormously busy. Busy with regional election papers, seeking for a job to teach, master degree files and so on and so on. However, I keep on fulfilling my repertoire of poems and writings. This time, … Continue reading Poem: The Last Steal


Poem: ​O’ the village

​O' the village As a born village-boy, An inner child is hiding in my brain's alleys, Running and playing inside the green memories. From the chirping wheat fields till the fresh wood, All around the vineyards, it's my neighborhood. The inner child ran up the mountain through the woods, Bouncing over the stream without wearing … Continue reading Poem: ​O’ the village

​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)

​Horror Critics: Rings (2017) The Ring is a horror movie series beneath which I grew up; when I have watched it, it didn't scare me out of my skin; however, it caused me an eternal shiver around disturbing videos and their following phone ring saying: "7 days" - just as my friends and I used … Continue reading ​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)