Series review: Vikings

I just have finished the 4th (so far the last) season of Vikings. I heard about it many times, especially about its success. Then, honestly, I was afraid of starting this series since I counted the Vikings as a modern series full of erotic scenes just as the Gladiator or Game of Thrones, but I … Continue reading Series review: Vikings


​Why Berbers resist Islam in Algeria?

​Why Berbers resist Islam in Algeria? Before I would start to examine this spicy question of "why Berbers resist Islam in Algeria", let me clear the situation which is almost idyll nowadays. In fact, the major population of Algeria find no difference between being Arab or Berber or Muslim; these three traits equally mean the … Continue reading ​Why Berbers resist Islam in Algeria?

​21 years in Christianity vs 4 years in Islam

I always used to say "religious views are far away from me"; however, the facts are telling the opposite: throughout my life I was born Muslim, became pious Christian, then atheist until I reconverted to Islam 4 years ago. This fuzzy story is the cause of my parents' divorce, having a Hungarian Christian mother and … Continue reading ​21 years in Christianity vs 4 years in Islam