Poem: Thebeste

Thebeste Oh, hundred millions of son of AdamErring around the sands of time,Tell me, whether you heard of the city: Thebeste,The city that claims - merits my rhyme. Now, the hundred gates of ThebesLuxoriate his wife near to Tunis,On the non-Egyptian land of talking stones,Tebessa, the Algerian metropolis. Lo! Gaius Cornelius had sung of Thevest,Out … Continue reading Poem: Thebeste


​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Alrightithen, this will be the last week of my holidays in Hungary with my brother and mother. We spent gorgeous time here, visiting noice places, eating interesting foods and having a loooot of fun. As the nice places were brought by the old Hungarian culture of horsing-and-archery, the fun was mainly brought by me, the … Continue reading ​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Hungarian Holidays: Nature vs Concrete

I skipped 2 days without blogging about the happening adventure in Hungary. In the last two days, my brother and I visited the forest and the highest mountain of Hungary - Mátra (1014m). Actually, we are living in the leg of the mountain, so we took only one bus to reach the entrance of the … Continue reading Hungarian Holidays: Nature vs Concrete