Home-made Waffles

*Waffles! Waffles! Waaaaffles!* Am I the only one who sings it around? Hahaha... I think, there's only a couple of children who hasn't experience the waffle magic. For my childhood, waffles meant the best choice for a breakfast or a snack because of their acceptable price (50 forints or 25 dinars per sack), their light … Continue reading Home-made Waffles


Three Days Grace: Eid el Filter

The Ramadan is over - may Allah accept our fasting, prayer and patiance during this month. After steady work, we can wait for compensation... So, this is the time for celebration = Eid. Namely Eid el Fitr which is understood differently in every country. In Islam, it is an obligation to be happy, be an … Continue reading Three Days Grace: Eid el Filter