​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)

​Horror Critics: Rings (2017) The Ring is a horror movie series beneath which I grew up; when I have watched it, it didn't scare me out of my skin; however, it caused me an eternal shiver around disturbing videos and their following phone ring saying: "7 days" - just as my friends and I used … Continue reading ​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)


A Creepy Poem: Psycho Doc

Today, I present you one of my poem that represents my dark humour. Enjoy it and take care of Doctor Psycho. 😄   Psycho Doc   I live in the small expressions, missing the whole. Among all the interactions, I'm socially alone. I missed to point a life goal, certainly, I don't miss it. But … Continue reading A Creepy Poem: Psycho Doc