Eid Mubarak!

I wish every Muslim around the world Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid), May Allah forgive our bad deeds and accept our good deeds to enter Janna (Paradise). Eid el Adha is the biggest Muslim celebration beside Ramadan. While Ramadan is a one month long period of rich dinners and nightly stay-ups, Eid Adha is only three … Continue reading Eid Mubarak!


​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

After Ramadan, I enjoyed 4 days of devouring cookies and soda in any time I wished... As if a prisoner would have let out to the free space, running from'and-there in craze. As the first program, I had a great bicycle trip with my brother, visiting onr of my aunt in the mountains. It was … Continue reading ​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

Three Days Grace: Eid el Filter

The Ramadan is over - may Allah accept our fasting, prayer and patiance during this month. After steady work, we can wait for compensation... So, this is the time for celebration = Eid. Namely Eid el Fitr which is understood differently in every country. In Islam, it is an obligation to be happy, be an … Continue reading Three Days Grace: Eid el Filter