Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays

  Here we go again... Only 2 days left from the holidays in Hungary. During the month, I had an awesome time of strengthening family relationships just as visiting "new" family members whom I haven't known yet - far cousins. This family-visiting is a typical Muslim habit that I am proud of. Also, I refreshed… Continue reading Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays

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​The Algerian Kingdom is out of network

​ These days, whole Algeria is suffering from the slow internet and the completely blocked facebook in the interval of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The phenomena is because of the baccalaureate exams taking place now. What is the relation between the exams and no-internet in national level? The answer is "cheating". Algerian students cheat… Continue reading ​The Algerian Kingdom is out of network