I stopped working with kids

  Last Wednesday, I quit my job in the so called "Cambridge-school". Even if it was an interesting experience to teach youngsters English through playing games and following the Cambridge program, there has been a half dozen of factors why I had to quit... and one of them is the "Cambridge program". Reasons why I … Continue reading I stopped working with kids


Top 3 Fail FLA – Bad Teachers

Top 3 Fail Foreign Language Acquisition Bad Teachers Top 3 Fail Foreign Language Acquisition alias how to ruin a second language teaching. You know, being a teacher is not an easy job. Keeping the class out of boredom, out of chaotic chit-chat, and giving them useful knowledge at the same time is a challenging mission. … Continue reading Top 3 Fail FLA – Bad Teachers

Motivation versus Failure

There is a typical motivational saying that FAILURE is just a step on the path of success. I guess, this saying should motivate you to continue, keep on doing your whateveryouweredoing-thing if you've failed... It tells you that failure is a part of the fate and you are not the cause of it - or … Continue reading Motivation versus Failure