A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice

A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice Alrightythen! Today, it's my free day. I woke up early and started to think how to make my day the most beneficial and restful. In the last three days, my shoulder hurting and my jobs as a teacher were pressing me into the edge. So, I … Continue reading A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice


​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

After Ramadan, I enjoyed 4 days of devouring cookies and soda in any time I wished... As if a prisoner would have let out to the free space, running from'and-there in craze. As the first program, I had a great bicycle trip with my brother, visiting onr of my aunt in the mountains. It was … Continue reading ​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

The changes of ramadan

This is the very first day that I spent outside in Ramadan (yesterday, I was preparing the place in refrigerator, kitchen and the graden to enjoy the Ramadan dinner (Ftor), then I did a quick turn in my village for missing ingredients like corn and lightbulb :D) Today, I went to check my Arabic mark … Continue reading The changes of ramadan

Universal Meatballs

Well... I have just met the freedom after the final exams so called "le temps vide" alias empty time. In the very first day, I spent some time on the beach, visiting it on my bicycle, but it was kinda tiring since these days I am fasting for Sha3ban... =as a Muslim preparational fasting for Ramadan … Continue reading Universal Meatballs