Poem: ​In Memory of a Ram

It's been a while I haven't posted poems here on the blog because I wrote short poems with pictures that is a new style on Instagram. That I didn't posted is not because I prefer more Instagram or something, but only that I was in a period of shorter poems that fitted well the picture-posting. Later, … Continue reading Poem: ​In Memory of a Ram


Les actualités in my present life

Alrighitithen! Let's see the actualities (les actualités = news) about my life nowadays. This is the end of January (2018) @nd we have started the half year exams after studying a whole month at the univeristy. Yaaay, a whole month of knowledge! *wait for it* Then, tests are going to follow the exams in February that is quite … Continue reading Les actualités in my present life

International Egoïsm

International egoism is a new concept in my mind. It's not based on any worldwide political research but on my modest observation of the social world of Europe and Africa. I think it's unnecessary to sefine egoism since we all know that it concerns with thinking selfishly, looking the world from an ego-centric point as … Continue reading International Egoïsm

End of 3 years: Ceremony

Today, I attended my first scholar-year ending ceremony in Algeria. Without doubt, this experience was totally different than the other ones in Hungary; however, I am not sure why it was so different. For sure, the Algerian ceremonies are different since it invites only a small number of elites related to the university, then it … Continue reading End of 3 years: Ceremony

Finals #4: Statistics and Feelings

This week I'm facing the finals of the last year of Basic English Linguistics and Didactics studies. Two birds with one stone, I'm going to write about the exams as a resume for preparing to the modules, as a personal comment on the level and as a whole impression of the year or three years... … Continue reading Finals #4: Statistics and Feelings