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​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Alrightithen, this will be the last week of my holidays in Hungary with my brother and mother. We spent gorgeous time here, visiting noice places, eating interesting foods and having a loooot of fun. As the nice places were brought by the old Hungarian culture of horsing-and-archery, the fun was mainly brought by me, the… Continue reading ​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

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​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen

​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen File name: Screen Serial Killer The Case: The first incident occured one year ago in summer time. The witnesses experienced the sudden death of the screen that was caused by the turning off monitor - confirmed by the home-specialist. After the first case, there occured more and more incident… Continue reading ​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen