Poem: An Exorseized Story

Today, I've got a free day Al-Hamdulillah, so I offered a little time to poemize my last night's nightmare... I've got a nightmare about some JINNS (demons) that was covered by a quite fuzzy and complex situation that I wanted to write a short story about; however, writing short story is so easy compared to … Continue reading Poem: An Exorseized Story


Poem: Faux-rest

Faux Rest It happened on a creepy land, Canadian Prairies- A barren, forest, bungalow... Like fur-hunter series. Three lost Murican must stop there, Running out of black oil- Been middle of the only road, You'd face it or recoil? They did not want to leave the car, Checking the bungalow- Tho, none there, they thought … Continue reading Poem: Faux-rest

Arx Fatalis (2002)

For the winter Holidays I bought a little pack of PC Games to my 13 years old little brother. He quickly became a gamer next to me, finishing Dragon Age 2 Assassin's Creed I - II and III and other games Far Cry 2 and 3... I always give him games from my childhood which … Continue reading Arx Fatalis (2002)

Exclusive: International Book Fair in Algiers

Yesterday the 25th October, the yearly organized International Book Fairs of Algiers has opened its gates till the 5th November. I gave it a quick visit today and I bought my so-desired book from there: Stephen King - On Writing. It's my fourth year in Algeria and I am visiting this international intellectual event for … Continue reading Exclusive: International Book Fair in Algiers

Poem: The Market of Kabool

​The Market of Kabool There's a story... horror story, I wish to tell you, kids. Listening it... is dangerous: To you and to your kids. But if y'ave enough courage, Or maybe y'er a fool... You can listen to my story, "The Market of Kabool". So, you listen - but keep in mind: I warned … Continue reading Poem: The Market of Kabool

Review: The Shining (1980)

Last night, I rewatched "The Shining (1980)". The movie is almost 3 hours long, trying to realize Stephenk King's horror book with the same name. It's been in my childhood that I watched it, so I was quite afraid of the movie's quality... There are many old movies which have a beautiful memory in my … Continue reading Review: The Shining (1980)

​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

After Ramadan, I enjoyed 4 days of devouring cookies and soda in any time I wished... As if a prisoner would have let out to the free space, running from'and-there in craze. As the first program, I had a great bicycle trip with my brother, visiting onr of my aunt in the mountains. It was … Continue reading ​Reading and Preparing to Trawell