Poem: Evening Pictures

  I just read some of my old Hungarian poems during a boring class, then I found an interesting one that I translated to English. I changed only a little bit of style and context since it has been at-least 10 years that I wrote the original one, but I still appreciate this work as … Continue reading Poem: Evening Pictures


Learn language by <3 : my Arabic

  "If you love me, you must love my language."       There are a great amount of examples for foreigners knowing each other and making a couple despite of the language diversity among them. One of the example is the most famous YouTuber's (Pewdiepie's) love story in which he as a Sweden met … Continue reading Learn language by ❤ : my Arabic

“Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

  Travelling around the world as a Hungarian is surely surprising and sometimes indeed offending when you meet with new people knowing nothing about your nation. While -at least- it would consist the minimal intelligence to know that "Hungary is a European country", "Hungary is the heart of Europe, next to Eastern Europe", "Hungarians are … Continue reading “Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

“Öreg néne özikéje” translated by Benyamin Bensalah

"Öreg néne özikéje" (Anna Fazekas) translated by Benyamin Bensalah   I think there is no Hungarian young or old who wouldn't know the cute Hungarian fable of Anna Fazekas about the old lady saving the deer at the leg of the Matra mountain. As a child of the Matra, for me, it would be a … Continue reading “Öreg néne özikéje” translated by Benyamin Bensalah

Poem: O, Sweet Berries

O, Sweet Berries It's a childish mischief,Stealing grapes from another garden,O, sweet berries! Forbidden is every beaut,Then where's thy mighty curtain,O, sweet berries! I'd regard thy sentinel,If I could see any aside of thee,O, sweet berries! "One more little minute,Wait - I implore - just only one...O, sweet berries! Tho, they only seduce,Then leave the … Continue reading Poem: O, Sweet Berries

Hungarian Holidays: Nature vs Concrete

I skipped 2 days without blogging about the happening adventure in Hungary. In the last two days, my brother and I visited the forest and the highest mountain of Hungary - Mátra (1014m). Actually, we are living in the leg of the mountain, so we took only one bus to reach the entrance of the … Continue reading Hungarian Holidays: Nature vs Concrete

​Hungarian Holidays: First Day

One month of adventures has begun. So, I've come to Hungary again to visit my mom and my country... but this time I took myself my little brother who enjoys hid first trip abroad, in Europe- in the country of Budapest. We woke up early and we found our package ready to go since we … Continue reading ​Hungarian Holidays: First Day