Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction

Double nationality is the favor of belonging to more than one country or nation. Of course, it is only possible with those countries which accept double nationality since there are several nations against this concept of belonging to two countries. Why? Is it possible to be loyal to more than one culture? Is it a … Continue reading Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction


Free Day, New Blog Design

Yesterday, it's been the 1st November that is a double National Day. In Algeria, it's a free day for celebrating the beginning of the Revolution(1956.nov.1) against the French Colonialism(1830-1962). Meanwhile in Hungary, it is the religious and national day of the dead "all soul's day". The former one celebrates its national day with Algerian national … Continue reading Free Day, New Blog Design

“Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

  Travelling around the world as a Hungarian is surely surprising and sometimes indeed offending when you meet with new people knowing nothing about your nation. While -at least- it would consist the minimal intelligence to know that "Hungary is a European country", "Hungary is the heart of Europe, next to Eastern Europe", "Hungarians are … Continue reading “Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

Teaology: The Sweetest Tea Today

  Meme sites say there are two kinds of morning people: Coffee people and Tea people. Wellyes, I consider myself as the second one since I never drink coffee except of café au lait; but if it's about Tea, I become a tealogist. I've been fond of studying Tea since my childhood. Indeed, tea caused … Continue reading Teaology: The Sweetest Tea Today


[ My God! ] What a workday today! I am one of the most patient, coldblooded person on this planet, but I got driven crazy. :O :O :O You know - there's a series of pc-games that characterized my childhood, named NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL 1 and 2. In this series, you get a character with … Continue reading COLLEAGUES FROM HELL

Hungarian Holidays: Over 9000 Calories

It's said that every country has its cuisine with its own culture. I think that it's only partially true because the gastronomy itself holds universal traits everywhere... Once, I shared already this personal observation about international kitchens that every country has its national meat-plate, vegetable-plate, soups which change only in ingredients and other details. Okay, … Continue reading Hungarian Holidays: Over 9000 Calories

Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays

  Here we go again... Only 2 days left from the holidays in Hungary. During the month, I had an awesome time of strengthening family relationships just as visiting "new" family members whom I haven't known yet - far cousins. This family-visiting is a typical Muslim habit that I am proud of. Also, I refreshed … Continue reading Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays