Poem: ​Ode to the inspiration

​Ode to the inspiration The wind is grinding words into my ears, Followed by the sounds of the meridian, A stone is not much, but I would not raise My ears, to the boring noises. The only thing rising my regard, You are, so mantle me, Oh sunshine! Blind all my unease and pain, Be … Continue reading Poem: ​Ode to the inspiration


Poem: At Sunset

​ At sunset The sun has been fallen;The light was irregardless,The park has been sullen;I sat on a bench regardless. If I had faced a human being,I'd be able to tell the truth;Whether I'd been seen or seeing,W'ther I own or pwn the ruth. Maybe, if I had chosen a buddy;Sharing the self-created pain,I would … Continue reading Poem: At Sunset