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A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice

A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice Alrightythen! Today, it's my free day. I woke up early and started to think how to make my day the most beneficial and restful. In the last three days, my shoulder hurting and my jobs as a teacher were pressing me into the edge. So, I… Continue reading A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice

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​Ever Striking Algerian Trains

​Ever Striking Algerian Trains Riddle of the day :  "What is it ? It comes unannounced, uninvited. When it comes everything stops. Its arrival has no reason. Everybody is its victim. Mass, people, cars, a nation gather together to wonder on it." -Okay, it may be hard a little bit;  it is about the always… Continue reading ​Ever Striking Algerian Trains

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​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen

​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen File name: Screen Serial Killer The Case: The first incident occured one year ago in summer time. The witnesses experienced the sudden death of the screen that was caused by the turning off monitor - confirmed by the home-specialist. After the first case, there occured more and more incident… Continue reading ​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen