How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]

Friday. Jumua Mubaraka. While this day for others means a long long sleep until the midday prayer's gathering, concerning me, I woke up early and faced the empty road toward Rouiba to teach my three little bears English. Actually, now I have two -not three, and they are kids -not bears; tho' this is how … Continue reading How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]


Program of Jumu’a

I wish Jumu'a mubaraka to everybody! This is Friday that is the Muslim Sunday. Every Algerian is having a so-called "grosse-matiné" that means a long sleeping with a rich breakfast and with some couscous for lunch.  However, my Jumu'a is different a little bit from the major's one. I wake up early for taking a shower, praying, starting … Continue reading Program of Jumu’a