Another never happened presentation

This LMD Master 1 -Applied Linguistics program literally drives me crazy with its presentation system. We just started with 2 months of tardy and started doing researches and presentations from the first moment. This week, it is the fourth presentation that I am preparing in group-work. Then, after the [unrepresented presentation], I've just got another … Continue reading Another never happened presentation


“Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

  Travelling around the world as a Hungarian is surely surprising and sometimes indeed offending when you meet with new people knowing nothing about your nation. While -at least- it would consist the minimal intelligence to know that "Hungary is a European country", "Hungary is the heart of Europe, next to Eastern Europe", "Hungarians are … Continue reading “Hungarian is like Russian, isn’t it?”

Algerian Derdja: Phrasal Aggression

It's been a long time I didn't post on the Algerian Arabic Dialect so-called "Derdja". To return, I'm going to bring on an internationally and nationally well-known fact about Arab people: their Aggression alias being hot-headed. Indeed, Algerians are hot-headed; if you slightly insult them or do some bothersome gestures, they can easily shout or … Continue reading Algerian Derdja: Phrasal Aggression

​Selfie as a borrowed word

​Selfie as a borrowed word Just as the "internet", "emoji", or "cola"; the "selfie" word is a gift from the western global language that is English. Every-time, there's a crazy hype to follow like "HARLEM SHAKE", "YOLO", "SWAG" and the list is never ending. The new style is the "Selfie" that makes you take a … Continue reading ​Selfie as a borrowed word

Hungarian Holidays: Toothfairies

Hungary as a country is famous for the castles and adrenalin parks; however, we are also famous all over the world for our dentists. Patiens are coming from every corner of Europe and America to get cured for cheap prices with good quality beside having a lovely touristic time. As a tourist in my own … Continue reading Hungarian Holidays: Toothfairies