Poem: Her is Outa-Linguistical

Her is Outa-Linguistical   I’m a fix-it linguist running a study To aim my darling With words like her: sweeter than honey. Chomsky’s infinite use of finite means is useless and means nothing; When I try to describe the virtue of my Queen’s. I collect utterance by utterance- Each is the most elegant- But to … Continue reading Poem: Her is Outa-Linguistical


Learn language by <3 : my Arabic

  "If you love me, you must love my language."       There are a great amount of examples for foreigners knowing each other and making a couple despite of the language diversity among them. One of the example is the most famous YouTuber's (Pewdiepie's) love story in which he as a Sweden met … Continue reading Learn language by ❤ : my Arabic

Teaology: The Sweetest Tea Today

  Meme sites say there are two kinds of morning people: Coffee people and Tea people. Wellyes, I consider myself as the second one since I never drink coffee except of café au lait; but if it's about Tea, I become a tealogist. I've been fond of studying Tea since my childhood. Indeed, tea caused … Continue reading Teaology: The Sweetest Tea Today

Home-made Waffles

*Waffles! Waffles! Waaaaffles!* Am I the only one who sings it around? Hahaha... I think, there's only a couple of children who hasn't experience the waffle magic. For my childhood, waffles meant the best choice for a breakfast or a snack because of their acceptable price (50 forints or 25 dinars per sack), their light … Continue reading Home-made Waffles

Poem: O, Sweet Berries

O, Sweet Berries It's a childish mischief,Stealing grapes from another garden,O, sweet berries! Forbidden is every beaut,Then where's thy mighty curtain,O, sweet berries! I'd regard thy sentinel,If I could see any aside of thee,O, sweet berries! "One more little minute,Wait - I implore - just only one...O, sweet berries! Tho, they only seduce,Then leave the … Continue reading Poem: O, Sweet Berries

Review: The Flash S3

Well, well, well... OR I should say Wells Wells and Wells! I just finished the last season of The Flash super-series in which we can meet The Flash facing our new enemy, our new Doctor Wells and the old stupid logic of the previous seasons. Since I am writing for first about The Flash, I may … Continue reading Review: The Flash S3

Poem rework: Shikh-spree sonnet 129

I've just found my lately made Shakespeare sonnet rework that was inspired on an English class, analyzing Shakespeare's sonnet that is full of dirty and erotic metaphors. Since the whole poem is written around lust that does not fit my Muslim principles, I rewrote it to my langauge. 🙂 Shikh-spree sonnet 129 ​C'est pour Bingo … Continue reading Poem rework: Shikh-spree sonnet 129