Poem : By a plant poet

By a plant poet Whether my verses are to find a plenty soil, A soil that gives reason to the weary toil Whether the season will have come with care, With a care just as my verses were fair. Ah! The ages are against the written riches, The soil is ruined by hidden wretches Who … Continue reading Poem : By a plant poet


Poem: ​Pantoum of the Antihero

​Pantoum of the Antihero Gets no love the one who doesn't love. It's not Karma, but simple logic. Even if he does, it's a sort of odds, Making the canon candid. It's not Karma, but simple logic; Who doesn't like people, will be alone, Who doesn't like water, will suffocate in, Who doesn't like life, … Continue reading Poem: ​Pantoum of the Antihero

Poem: The Beggar

​The beggar In the grey fogs of the cities - Like mushrooms in the moist, There grow beggars in the corners, "Just a penny, sir!" - voiced. You may find them in any genre; Old men next to a jar, Sad blokes without roof nor goods, Lads playing a guitar. All they want is only … Continue reading Poem: The Beggar

Poem: Stoïc

Stoïc I felt unfelt;My world's unheard.Ignorance!That embraced, beset me. Stoical flow the life is;A shoreless sea.Water is water;Be wavery or plane. Why plaint,On the surrounding sea?Why plaint again,If only desert is seen? Time is a river.Dip, sip, hit the water;Immortal.You are fooled. Life is a diabolic vortex;Amazing mazes.Tunes are to seduce you,A superfluous being. If … Continue reading Poem: Stoïc

Poem: ​Ode to the inspiration

​Ode to the inspiration The wind is grinding words into my ears, Followed by the sounds of the meridian, A stone is not much, but I would not raise My ears, to the boring noises. The only thing rising my regard, You are, so mantle me, Oh sunshine! Blind all my unease and pain, Be … Continue reading Poem: ​Ode to the inspiration