Egyptian series: The Caesar – القیصر

Exams are coming... The rhetorical question sounds in the background "what should I do"... I take my handouts of Applied English Linguistics... Then, instead of stressing in silence and cramming hardly, I decide to buy an Egyptian series to improve my proficiency in Arabic dialects. Yolo. I heard about Egyptian theater even in Hungary. This … Continue reading Egyptian series: The Caesar – القیصر


​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

After Ramadan, I enjoyed 4 days of devouring cookies and soda in any time I wished... As if a prisoner would have let out to the free space, running from'and-there in craze. As the first program, I had a great bicycle trip with my brother, visiting onr of my aunt in the mountains. It was … Continue reading ​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

Thug life ​Quranic competition

In Algeria during the month of Ramadan, every mosque creates a competition for children and adults to memorize Quran. The event focuses children in most who have to memorize 1 - 2 - 5 or 10 hizb from the Quran that means long pages (10-20), in fact, the quantity is based on the quality of … Continue reading Thug life ​Quranic competition

Feeding Poor in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of cleaning one's sins by fasting and doing good things in the name of Allah. What could be one of the best things to do than serving food voluntarily in the time of iftar (meal) to poor people and everybody whom is in need. This is why I helped one of … Continue reading Feeding Poor in Ramadan

Dessert : Bimo Pudding

  The month of Ramadan is a month of worship without doubt; however, the meal is an important part of it, too. The lost energy during the hot daylights should be recovered through only one eating that is not an easy job to anybody.. The chef of the kitchen must come out with a delicious … Continue reading Dessert : Bimo Pudding

The changes of ramadan

This is the very first day that I spent outside in Ramadan (yesterday, I was preparing the place in refrigerator, kitchen and the graden to enjoy the Ramadan dinner (Ftor), then I did a quick turn in my village for missing ingredients like corn and lightbulb :D) Today, I went to check my Arabic mark … Continue reading The changes of ramadan