​My Seasonal Social Bluescreen

These days, I am socially sick. I can't talk to anybody, wanting to be alone. My vocabulary is limited to "good morning, what's up, hamdullah and inshallah". I hate people who want to talk to me and I hate more those who don't want. Harsh, anti-social and senseless.  This is what my friend just noticed … Continue reading ​My Seasonal Social Bluescreen


My Tardy University and My Lost Trimester

Today, I checked my university again... whether the study starts in November!   In the last three months, I've been the edge of insanity. In the very beginning, I came back from Hungary, from my mother in August; however, she was begging me to stay until September. I told her I can't stay since my … Continue reading My Tardy University and My Lost Trimester

Poem: The last lust

​The last lust The Hellfire might hide more pleasure with the pain living and dying again- due to my careless, senseless life- than living with an empty soul that is able neither to live, nor to make itself die. I have no control on the present, the past does not infect me- who cares what … Continue reading Poem: The last lust