Poem: A Rhymeless Gentleman

A Rhymeless gentleman The first morning beams of the shining giant's Chased my train and its hundred clients, Dying on their face a golden curiosity: Their beany questions might disdain Horace; What treasure is the day hiding for us? How we enslave ourselves to succeed? They might be the opiated words of the daylight While … Continue reading Poem: A Rhymeless Gentleman


Exclusive: International Book Fair in Algiers

Yesterday the 25th October, the yearly organized International Book Fairs of Algiers has opened its gates till the 5th November. I gave it a quick visit today and I bought my so-desired book from there: Stephen King - On Writing. It's my fourth year in Algeria and I am visiting this international intellectual event for … Continue reading Exclusive: International Book Fair in Algiers

​Selfie as a borrowed word

​Selfie as a borrowed word Just as the "internet", "emoji", or "cola"; the "selfie" word is a gift from the western global language that is English. Every-time, there's a crazy hype to follow like "HARLEM SHAKE", "YOLO", "SWAG" and the list is never ending. The new style is the "Selfie" that makes you take a … Continue reading ​Selfie as a borrowed word

​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Alrightithen, this will be the last week of my holidays in Hungary with my brother and mother. We spent gorgeous time here, visiting noice places, eating interesting foods and having a loooot of fun. As the nice places were brought by the old Hungarian culture of horsing-and-archery, the fun was mainly brought by me, the … Continue reading ​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Gallery: Finishing the Finals

I just finished the last important exam of the year. I am free. How hard it is to say anything useful in this moment... The moment when black workers got freed from the slavery of South America... The mass of Afro American moves from and there happily enjoying their new freedom, while I face the … Continue reading Gallery: Finishing the Finals