​My Seasonal Social Bluescreen

These days, I am socially sick. I can't talk to anybody, wanting to be alone. My vocabulary is limited to "good morning, what's up, hamdullah and inshallah". I hate people who want to talk to me and I hate more those who don't want. Harsh, anti-social and senseless.  This is what my friend just noticed … Continue reading ​My Seasonal Social Bluescreen


​Selfie as a borrowed word

​Selfie as a borrowed word Just as the "internet", "emoji", or "cola"; the "selfie" word is a gift from the western global language that is English. Every-time, there's a crazy hype to follow like "HARLEM SHAKE", "YOLO", "SWAG" and the list is never ending. The new style is the "Selfie" that makes you take a … Continue reading ​Selfie as a borrowed word

Poem: At Sunset

​ At sunset The sun has been fallen;The light was irregardless,The park has been sullen;I sat on a bench regardless. If I had faced a human being,I'd be able to tell the truth;Whether I'd been seen or seeing,W'ther I own or pwn the ruth. Maybe, if I had chosen a buddy;Sharing the self-created pain,I would … Continue reading Poem: At Sunset

Feeding Poor in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of cleaning one's sins by fasting and doing good things in the name of Allah. What could be one of the best things to do than serving food voluntarily in the time of iftar (meal) to poor people and everybody whom is in need. This is why I helped one of … Continue reading Feeding Poor in Ramadan

Movie Critics: Baby Boss

As usually, I've started the weekend with a movie-night. Tonight's movie was brought by the DreamWorks studio - Yes... - it's been an animation movie called Baby Boss. Personally, I prefer animation movies to action movies, and I've got a long list of reasons why: Action movies always have the same theme and scenes with … Continue reading Movie Critics: Baby Boss

A new habit: Cafeteria

Who needs take-away starbucks, when you can kill time sitting in a Kahwa. There's a very Algerian habit that got me for its "café au lait", for its "croissants" and for its "ambiance" that provides me so much time and peace to write. Of course, I was speaking about the little social event of #sitting-in-a-cafeteria. … Continue reading A new habit: Cafeteria