Poem: The Beggar

​The beggar In the grey fogs of the cities - Like mushrooms in the moist, There grow beggars in the corners, "Just a penny, sir!" - voiced. You may find them in any genre; Old men next to a jar, Sad blokes without roof nor goods, Lads playing a guitar. All they want is only … Continue reading Poem: The Beggar


Poem: The Market of Kabool

​The Market of Kabool There's a story... horror story, I wish to tell you, kids. Listening it... is dangerous: To you and to your kids. But if y'ave enough courage, Or maybe y'er a fool... You can listen to my story, "The Market of Kabool". So, you listen - but keep in mind: I warned … Continue reading Poem: The Market of Kabool

Poem rework: Shikh-spree sonnet 129

I've just found my lately made Shakespeare sonnet rework that was inspired on an English class, analyzing Shakespeare's sonnet that is full of dirty and erotic metaphors. Since the whole poem is written around lust that does not fit my Muslim principles, I rewrote it to my langauge. 🙂 Shikh-spree sonnet 129 ​C'est pour Bingo … Continue reading Poem rework: Shikh-spree sonnet 129