Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna

I am a person who finds joy in analyzing people's thinking or - in details - their reasoning of how and why they do a thing. Why people stop at red light and why the light is red anyway... I know, this is a kind of overthinking and philosophizing, but it gives reason to my … Continue reading Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna


​A Pervert Rumor in Algiers

To cut it short, one of my most hated things is the rumors and scandals. I am extremely careless; I don't care what people think, feel or say. So, I am not a person to tell rumors; however, I just heard an Algerian rumor in the capital about a pervert "flasher" that shocked me since … Continue reading ​A Pervert Rumor in Algiers

“Öreg néne özikéje” translated by Benyamin Bensalah

"Öreg néne özikéje" (Anna Fazekas) translated by Benyamin Bensalah   I think there is no Hungarian young or old who wouldn't know the cute Hungarian fable of Anna Fazekas about the old lady saving the deer at the leg of the Matra mountain. As a child of the Matra, for me, it would be a … Continue reading “Öreg néne özikéje” translated by Benyamin Bensalah

Poem: The Market of Kabool

​The Market of Kabool There's a story... horror story, I wish to tell you, kids. Listening it... is dangerous: To you and to your kids. But if y'ave enough courage, Or maybe y'er a fool... You can listen to my story, "The Market of Kabool". So, you listen - but keep in mind: I warned … Continue reading Poem: The Market of Kabool

Poem: Ey, ey, ey…

​Ey, ey, ey... For a woman in the eighties, The most important thing the peace is. But how to reach it with a dozen of nieces, Daily breaking my peacemaker into pieces... This is why I was frankly relieved, When I got a house-offer suddenly received. I called the agent and in 10 days I … Continue reading Poem: Ey, ey, ey…

Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays

  Here we go again... Only 2 days left from the holidays in Hungary. During the month, I had an awesome time of strengthening family relationships just as visiting "new" family members whom I haven't known yet - far cousins. This family-visiting is a typical Muslim habit that I am proud of. Also, I refreshed … Continue reading Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays