Poem : By a plant poet

By a plant poet Whether my verses are to find a plenty soil, A soil that gives reason to the weary toil Whether the season will have come with care, With a care just as my verses were fair. Ah! The ages are against the written riches, The soil is ruined by hidden wretches Who … Continue reading Poem : By a plant poet


Free Day, New Blog Design

Yesterday, it's been the 1st November that is a double National Day. In Algeria, it's a free day for celebrating the beginning of the Revolution(1956.nov.1) against the French Colonialism(1830-1962). Meanwhile in Hungary, it is the religious and national day of the dead "all soul's day". The former one celebrates its national day with Algerian national … Continue reading Free Day, New Blog Design

Poem: The Curse Of Time

The Curse of Time Woe on the time which is resting under the ground - Been its graveyard tomb or sepulchar mound, Been its object eulogy, or been ne'er mourned, Been mouldered, or b'ing in a funeral morgue; Woe on them, woe! Woe on the time and its living framework - Being the languid killing … Continue reading Poem: The Curse Of Time

Poem: Schreibblockade

Schreibblockade I used to live in many places, Seeing them with various faces: On the mountain, in the woods, Drowsing in the peace of Sherwood's. In the village, on the farm, Sniffing animals with a great charm! In a town of a sandy shore, Running to hit a beachball to score. In the capital, inside … Continue reading Poem: Schreibblockade

Poem: Meeting W.T.

Meeting W.T. *Shame on the poet!* A catharsis made her voice heardForm a lonely book.I needed nothing more as a hook:"Who? Who dare? Let's find out!" My voice was more scared than fear'd,But surely it was heard:Hideous whisperes came outFrom a lonely lonely book. My steps flutter'd over row to row,"Let's have a look!""Let's have … Continue reading Poem: Meeting W.T.